The world we live in is rapidly changing.
At Arcadia, our aim is to prepare our students
for the world of tomorrow.

Technology is becoming more and more prominent in all industries, with businesses crying
out for skills such as problem solving, creativity, collaboration and coding.


Digital Learning



iMac Suites

We are lucky enough to have 3 state of the art iMac Suites at Arcadia. In every suite, there is an iMac for every child in a class. The teacher is equipped with a projector and Apple TV so they can demonstrate and teach with ease. Although mobile Apple technology is brilliant, we also want to teach our students how to use a desktop computer. This begins in Year 2 and students regularly use the iMacs or our rentable MacBooks to develop these skills. These spaces are also fantastic as we move the students further forward with their coding skills.



At The Arcadia Preparatory School, we will :

  • Give children computer literacy so they can use these skills moving into the next stage of their education and adulthood.
  • Create a wide variety of opportunities so that children can access the curriculum and teach computer science, information technology and digital literacy.
  • Teach children about being safe, respectful and responsible online through e-safety lessons.