iMac Suites

We are lucky enough to have 3 state of the art iMac Suites at Arcadia. In every suite, there is an iMac for every child in a class. The teacher is equipped with a projector and Apple TV so they can demonstrate and teach with ease. Although mobile Apple technology is brilliant, we also want to teach our students how to use a desktop computer. This begins in Year 2 and students regularly use the iMacs or our rentable MacBooks to develop these skills. These spaces are also fantastic as we move the students further forward with their coding skills. 

Maker Space

Our maker space is a fantastic place for STEAM and robotics to take place. We have iMac computers along with benches to allow for collaborative STEAM work. At Arcadia we have Dash robots, Sphero, Lego Wedo and Lego Spike Prime kits available along with drone technology. Outside the room, and across the school, we have green walls painted. This allows for a permanent green screen so learning can happen as and when needed.